Predict Support Systems (Pty) Ltd provides tailor-made products and services to the mining industry and corporate market parental companies with the aim of increasing output and productivity, minimising delay through delivering high quality products and exceptional service in the industry based on J.I.T principle and in-line with competitive pricing.

Born from Sisonake Fabricators and Engineering (Pty) & Maatla Support cc, Predict Support Systems (Pty) Ltd endeavours in creating jobs for skilled craftsmen and semi-skilled individuals alike while exploring the huge and exiting market that is the mining, engineering and supply sector. To date it is of the main sectors within our country and in part still neglected from an empowerment perspective and as such Predict Support Systems is Level 4 Certified.

Further we adhere to strict SABS ISO 9001 and 9004 Code of practice and use certified materials along with quality workmanship, thus ensuring Top-Quality products and services delivered on time every time. We take pride in maintaining our positive track record and rendering services second to none. Predict Support Systems is more than adequately rigged in handling any fabrication and mining work within our scope. 

Our Product range includes:

  • Predict Drilling & Bolting Rig
  • T-Spanners
  • Spinning Adapters
  • Custom Manufactured Lubricators
  • Resin Capsule Loaders
  • And varied length CCTV Camera Poles

Our Vision

is to be recognized as the leading Black Empowered provider of fabrication, mining, engineering and transport related products and services. Further to be a formidable role player in job creation and skills development in these industries, as well as to build Predict Support Systems as a company into one of the strongest fabricator of mining, engineering and transport related products as services both within South Africa and abroad.

Our Mission

is to deliver excellent services to our customers, create much needed hob opportunities and train previously disadvantaged individuals as skilled craftsmen and general workers within the communities in which we operate. Further we aim to provide a value-added service to the industry and a suitable income for our employees.